Clifton Nash
"Just over 12 months ago I asked John Davies to look at some retained pension provision, that had been sitting with Standard Life for many years, to see if he could find a better way of managing it for the future, with an eye to increased growth over the medium to long term (5-20 years).

John undertook a detailed fact find and analysis and placed me on a amanaged scheme where and experienced fund manager actively looked at the respective funds once every quarter and made recommendations for growth over the next quarter.

The cost of the advice was reasonable, and up-front charge of approximately £1,500 and a monthly management charge of approximately £50. Whilst this may seem expensive to many, from previous experience as an IFA, I know with certain provisos, you get what you pay for and was happy to agree to these charges.

I am glad to report that the initial investment (before up-front charges) of £76,000 has grown to over £84,000 in the first 12 months, exceptional growth from an exceptional recommendation. Whilst this has been largely on the back of really good growth on the UK stock market, had my investment been in the wrong funds, it would not have experienced this growth.

I would have no hesitation in recommending John Davies of Clifton Nash to all my clients and for all your Life, Pension and Investment requirements."
Clifton Nash
"My wife and I sought John's advice in respect of our pension policies and whether we should consolidate the number of policies that we had accumulated of whether they were best left as they were.

John held some 3 or more lengthy meetings with my wife and I during which we were able to ask and John was able to answer a not insignificant range of questions that we each had for him. This was probably even more taxing for John than it might normally be as both my wife and I spent a reasonable period of our early careers with companies that sold pensions.

After each meeting John produced detailed written advice and feedback on all aspects and on any other questions that we added into the 'equation'.

We both found John's advice to be very professional and comprehensive and importantly we felt that it took account of our overall finances and our future aspirations including feedback we had given on things such as our 'appetite for risk' in the circumstances.

We have accepted John's advice and have happily proceeded with his assistance to consolidate our pension policies on a 'platform' that meets our various financial needs and aspirations now and in the future.

I and my wife can thoroughly recommend John's friendly and professional advice."
Clifton Nash
"On 31st august 2009 my life changed dramatically. I was a Managing Director of a lucrative flooring company. A family man with three children.I was rushed into hospital with no previous warnings and diagnosed with a Brain Haemorrhage, an aneurysm had burst inside my Brain and Iunderwent a life saving coiling procedure.Later on whilst in hospital I suffered a Sub-arachnoid haemorrhage stroke.

This has left me with a significant Brain Injury. I now suffer from fatigue, mood swings, lack of motivation, very short term memory and manymore cognitive problems which do not allow me to work at the moment.

Thanks to John Davis and his continued support I was able to take my Rehabilitation seriously. Because of his Professional and Specialist adviceI was given throughout my self employed career to protect my earnings, my family home and our future I received my Critical Life Cover in fullallowing me to repay my mortgage and secure my family home.

A result of suffering a life threatening injury leaving me with permanent Disabilities. I am also covered byIncome Replacements from three Insurance Companies who pay me whilst I am not working.

John assessed my profits yearly and increased my cover accordingly so in the event of any such illness I was paid relatively to my yearly income.Whilst in Critical condition John took my wife through all the stages of the form filling procedures and was always able to offer consistent supportand advice whilst she herself was struggling to come to terms with our situation.

Johns thoughtful and diplomatic advice, warmth and assertive manner has allowed me to get the reassuranceI need to carry on as normal a life with no financial pressures."
Clifton Nash
"Just a note to thank you very much for the advice and support you gave my Mother recently as she wanted to sort out her financial affairs.

We really appreciate your sensitive approach and openness in offering a variety of potential cost effective solutions that met her needs and made her feel secure.

Moving forward it is also good to know that you will be available and keeping an eye on things.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your colleagues at Clifton Nash to others seeking advice for their investments."
Clifton Nash
"I have for many years had a pension plan with Standard Life, on a contracted-out of SERPS basis. This has accumulated a fair amount, as I have actively looked at the performance of the funds and made some changes from time to time.

I have for some time wanted a solution which incorporated active fund management on a regular basis. I asked John to look at the current plan and come up with some alternatives for me.

John conducted a detailed fact find, incorporating my attitude to risk, my needs and objectives and came up with a range of alternatives for me. In the end I chose a provision which means my plan now gets an active review every quarter. In real terms I now have the professional services of a fund manager who does this every day and has his fingers on the investment pulse all the time.

The cost was relatively low for the initial and ongoing service and I have no doubt that the return will far outweigh the cost of this advice and active management.

I would therefore recommend John's service, advice and recommendations to you all, and I am sure that I will now go to him, whenever I have a financial services need of any kind in the future.

The service and professional way he went about his business was excellent and I should know, I was and IFA myself, up until 2003.

Excellent work, of a very high standard."
Clifton Nash
“I have worked with Clifton Nash on several occasions and have always found him intelligent and conscientious in his approach to clients' affairs. He values long term relationships with clients based on personal attention , trust , and the value of truly independent advice.”
Clifton Nash
“Clifton Nash have been overseeing my personal and business related financial planning for well over a year now and advises me on the best way forward with regard to investments, pension and general financial planning. His integrity is unquestionable and I have the utmost respect for his depth of knowledge in this field. John's proactive approach means that I can relax in the knowledge that he will bring things to my attention if they need revision. Aside from all that professional stuff he's also an extremely nice bloke who I enjoy dealing with whenever we meet up.”
Bleddyn Edwards

“John isn't a salesman. You tell him what you have in mind, and he'll do his utmost to find a product and provide a service, to match YOUR requirements. No pressure sales! I've known John for about five years, and our company has used his services in the last two years. He's a gent - and a true professional. Recommended without any hesitation!”
Clifton Nash
“Clifton Nash came highly recommended to me, so I wasn't surpirsed that he turned out to be good. They are easy to work with, but above all I find them to have a high level of expertise and trustworthiness. And in the financial services world - which is generally full of sharks - that counts for a lot!”
Huw Johns

“I have used John for both my own Financial requirements and also for those of my Clients for many years. I have always had the most professional service from John and the feedback that we receive from our Clients indicates that they have experienced the same. We will continue both using and recommending John and have no hesitation in putting his name forward."
Clifton Nash
“I have been given financial advice from John on several occasions over the past few years. I have always found his advice to be fair and unbiased, his service very professional and would recommed his services to anyone.”
Clifton Nash
“I wish to simply thank you for your excellent delivery of service and advice to date as well as to recognise the superb manner in which you conduct your business.

Previous encounters with financial planners have always left my partner and me not only frustrated but also very sceptical about the benefits of a financial planner. We had left every one of these meetings feeling like we’d just been ‘sold to’ and unsure as to whether or not our best interests had been the motivation of the person we had met with.

However, I am thrilled to say that you have most definitely broken that mould and, since engaging your services more than 12 months ago, we are continually pleased with the outcome of the meetings we have had.

Your approach is friendly, polite, informative and concise. Your attention to detail is excellent and your follow up to our meetings is always very timely. There is never a hint of any ‘hard sell’ and we always feel that you are acting only in the best interests of our financial future.

It is such a relief to have found someone we can trust and talk to openly about our financial matters and for this, we cannot thank you enough.

I would wholeheartedly recommend (and indeed already have!) you and your colleagues to anyone we know and very much look forward to continuing our working relationship with you long into our future.”
Clifton Nash
It is almost 15 years since my first contact with a Clifton Nash partner to initiate a review of various insurance provisions.
It is the area of pension planning that Clifton Nash have been most valuable to me in recent years. I am particularly pleased that I have been kept up to date with legislation changes, tax implications and being advised how to take advantage (or minimise the downside) of the continuous changes to pension rules. In particular, receiving advice (advice that is now common) many years ago to consolidate my various pension schemes and subsequently to become an early SIPP adopter have proved to be exceptionally financially rewarding.
The regular reviews (and advice) have always been relevant and appropriate to my changing circumstances; far more so than the typical review provided by the high street financial institutions – where the approach is, by necessity, more generic and formulaic.
I am deeply grateful that a work colleague made that introduction all those years ago. Clifton Nash have served me well, and I expect them to continue to do so.
Clifton Nash
I am writing to thank you for your advice and assistance in advising us in relation to one of our client’s finances.

As professional attorneys we need to undertake yearly reviews of our client’s finances to ensure that their money is working in the best way possible.

We were delighted with the professional and efficient manner in which John reviewed the relevant investments and prepared a cash flow modelling system report to demonstrate to us how our client’s money works for them and what changes we could make to ensure that our client receives the best return possible.

I would have no hesitation in using Clifton Nash for any financial advice that our clients require in the future and would happily refer them to all our contacts and clients.