You’ll probably want to do something different soon?
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    Do what you want to do, not what you have to do: Lifestyle Financial Planning from Clifton Nash

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    Make it a reality with Lifestyle Financial Planning

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    You do the plan. We’ll do the numbers. Lifestyle Financial Planning: For all your tomorrows.

It’s not that you don’t like what you do now. And you’re probably very good at it, too. But, you have goals and ambitions just as you always have done. Stopping what you do now isn’t about retiring from something, it’s about retiring to something.

Maybe it’s travel. Perhaps it’s a business. Or even just change of lifestyle to create more time for you.

Transitioning can take many forms. You could just reduce your hours in work and make a phased plan to the next stage. Or perhaps you’d like to calculate when you could do it in one go – without the part-time phase?

You have probably accumulated assets –  a house, savings, pensions and maybe a business. You could be wondering what they are really worth and what impact that could have on when you could be transitioning.

We’ve made some assumptions about who you are.

If we got you right, then you are the sort of person we specialise in helping and we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch for a free, no obligation talk on the phone.

Clifton Nash: Move on successfully. Remember, stopping what you do now isn’t about retiring from something, it’s about retiring to something.

Here’s how we can help…





Making it


Retirement might not be for a while but you are looking to grow your assets and increase your wealth during your working lifetime. You want to have investments which could be accessible both before and during retirement.

Spending it


You’re retiring in a few years. You want to use the hard earned assets that you have to give you a regular income in retirement so that you can do all the things you what to do. You’re aware of the new pension regulations and want to make sure you make the mos tax- efficient use of your assets.

Leaving it


You’re thinking about the children & grandchildren. You want to make sure that they are well-provided for and that your assets go to the right people in the most tax-efficient way. You want to make sure that steps are taken to look after you when you get older too.

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